ALP Aeroflex India Pvt. Ltd. & Aeroklas co. Ltd., Thailand have formed a strategic alliance in 2019. Aeroklas, the technical partner, is a member of the Eastern Polymer Group (EPG) and has been producing plastic automotive product accessories for over 35 years. With Innovation at the core of the merger, ALP Aeroklas manufactures Blow & Injection Moulded Parts & is committed to pay great attention to every aspect of production that contributes to the success of each process, including production, quality, manpower and quality excellence. We have already worked with some prestigious clients.

Leadership team

Iqbal Singh Anand

Pawandeep Singh Anand
Marketing Director

Anil Singh


  • In-house Testing & Validation For All Kind of Plastic & Rubber​
  • State of Art Manufacturing Facility offering Larger Product (Higher Weighing Blow Moulding Parts)​
  • Vast Experience of JV’s Partner (Aeroklas) in Blow Moulding Designing & Manufacturing Capabilities ​
  • Other Global Partner (ALP Nishikawa) for Rubber Sealing Parts to be Integrated Plastic Parts & Common Management​
  • Strong Local Design Capabilities to Support  Customer’s Engineering & bridging between JV Partner​